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In the field of plastics, especially in applications with high technical content, it is often necessary to combine agood design and molding with the implementation of specific tests in order to quantify the mechanical ,thermal or tribological performance.

In the specific it is possible to perform normed tests, according to international standards (ISO or ASTM) or special tests developed on purpose for the specific product.

In fact, if on the one hand the standard tests are internationally recognized and allow to make comparisons with other materials, on the other hand they don’t always provide useful results in practice. Furthermore, the performance of a product made of plastic material depends, besides the material, even on its geometry and on the transformation process.
For this reason
, especially for heavy duty applications which present collisions and/or wearit is recommended tocarry out specific tests.

Thanks to F.M. mechanical workshop, it is also possible to design and implement, in short time and competitive costsspecial tests on productswith dedicated tooling.

With regard to materials, FM lab can rely on the use of a press for injection molding entirely dedicated to research activities, for the study of particular materials or manufacture of samples.

FMLab can realize different kind of tests (mechanical, thermal, tribological ) following international standards or developing ad-hoc tests: